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Information & Communications Technology Advisor

A no nonsense, practical & pragmatic advice service to decision makers on the most effective means to make ICT work for you. The aim of this service is to provide organisations like your own, a virtual ICT team and we pride ourselves that we can deliver any aspect of ICT in a timely and manageable way through the application of the ‘man who can’ philosophy.

Business Analysis

A service to deliver a view of business processes and system in use by the business in business language.

Business Process Reviews

Quiet simply a analytical description of how the organisation works for a particular activity, usually accompanied by a ‘Flow Chart’

Work Place layout & Ergonomics

A service to provide a diagrammatic representation of the most effective & efficient way to direct the flow of business activity, within the office or on the manufacturing floor.

Health & Safety at work and the Computer Environment

An effective service to see whether your organisation complies with EEC regulations, and your employees are not disgruntled by the poor ICT environment.

Data and the law

A short review service to check and update your Data Protection registration.

Project Management

As a member of a project team or as team leader the role of Project Manager requires clearly defined plans, aims and objectives and is delivered using government defined standards of PRINCE and PRINCE II, Quality Plans and Quality Audits.

Training in the use of ICT

Often left until last, this service covers the analysis of required skills versus attained skills and sets out individual and corporate training plans.


Leading the meeting is an essential ingredient in making the most out of precious time and is a service which will enhance the outcome of any meeting


A clearly defined process to specify, select and purchase the correct product from the most cost effective source


This is a service offering to design and produce power point presentations for your use as rolling demonstrations or as marketing ‘giveaway’ material to promote your products and services.

ICT Manager for hire

What do you do when your ‘expert’ goes on holiday or has a long spell away from the office? Who takes control; do you? That’s fine maybe when your workload is low, but as soon as the pressures on, control of the projects just stop. This can mean a drop in the benefits the project was to deliver; why, because there is no one to drive the project plan!. This is a service area in which we have extensive practical knowledge - delivering solutions to time and on budget


The whole area of security is one which requires a focus ranging from the Physical aspects of locking the work station to the prevention of theft of commercially sensitive information.  The growth in e-business has heightened awareness and vulnerability of systems.  However much can be done by the introduction of simple procedures and policies within the organisation that will greatly reduce your risk.  The latest surveys on security still reveal that the biggest threat remains on the inside of your company - and we can help you take back control.


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